The Port Lands Sensory Walk is a public artist led walk during which participants discover the Toronto Port Lands in Toronto.

The Walk winds along streets and trails to five vantage points that feature how the dynamic forces of nature, industry, and recreation share and shape this landscape. 

The goals of the Walk are to:

  • provide participants a new way of exploring the landscape: being fully present and attentive to the sensations experienced while engaging with the landscape.
  • instil, change or enhance participants' opinions of and attachment to the Port Lands.
  • promote public awareness of the issues to consider as the district is redeveloped.

The project has been very effective and I intend to lead occasional Port Lands Sensory Walks for the foreseeable the future.

Watch for new date announcements on the website, on the City of Toronto events pages, Facebook and through other media outlets. 

To add your name to the Walk's email list please send me a note through the feedback page.

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The Port Lands Sensory Walk


After each of the first four Walks I solicited feedback from participants to be published in the project's thesis paper, and reported here on the website. 

Thirty four Walk participants responded to the questionnaire. The respondents were eager to relate their new appreciation for the Port Lands. They were glad to discover or rediscover the district by exploring areas previously unknown to them. Participants valued the attentive walking practice, and the background information they learned as I led them through this contradictory landscape.

The following summary lists the participants' commonly expressed opinions:

  • the Walk helped instil a sense of place, a sense of belonging in the Port Lands: they saw it as a whole rather than made up of disparate interests.
  • the district should remain mixed use.
  • industry can stay: heartened to learn that recent arrivals focus on environmental concerns, reuse and remediation.
  • surprised by the diversity of recreational opportunities.
  • appreciated nature's presence: there is more than expected.
  • expand on the naturalized areas .
  • maintain the sense of remoteness.
  • improve TTC access.

your feedback is important to the project

Even though the project's thesis paper has been written, I am still interested in feedback about your Walk experience. I want to know what engages you during the Walk itself.

I would also like to hear what realizations you came to, or discoveries you made in the Port Lands.

What do you think should happen to this waterfront? I am very interested in your opinions as to the future of the Port lands. 

Click here to see the original list of questions I collected responses to. 

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