The Walk offers participants the opportunity to observe the Port Lands' sights, sounds, smells and physical sensations at a leisurely pace.

The five selected vantage points are found along the Martin Goodman Trail. Yellow circles on the map above.

Two locations are off the trail:

  • northeast corner of the soccer fields near the parking entrance and playground 
  • directly across from the towering Hearn Generating Station smokestack: the flag was replaced Sep 14 and is now closer to the Trail - walk through the trees to the waterfront to find the secret clearing. ​

Pedestrians who visit all five vantage points complete the Walk in two leisurely hours.​

Please be sure to wear comfortable footwear, a hat, sunblock, etc. as necessary.

Another lisa project

The Port Lands Sensory Walk

the SENSORY walk: a how to guide

How to participate

Upon reaching an Official Vantage Point you are asked to be attentive to what your senses take in by focusing on one at a time.

  • Close your eyes and LISTEN: how many sounds do you hear?
  • BREATHE IN deeply: what do you smell? Can you identify the sources?
  • Open your eyes and SEE what you're looking at: what big impressions and small details do you take in?
  • Turn your attention to TOUCH sensations: what do you FEEL on your skin, under your feet, and with your hands?
  • How does TASTE affect your impressions of this landscape?

I'm interested in hearing about your Walk experience. Please send me your feedback.

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Walking in nature can change your state of mind by allowing you to relax and be in the moment. The Port Lands Sensory Walk offers you the experience of moving through a more complicated landscape. yet offers the same benefit. 

Participating in the Port Lands Sensory Walk
promotes being in the moment by engaging your senses as you observe the dramatic character of this natural, industrial and recreational landscape.

​The sensations you experience on the Walk build on memory, and can change how you relate to this landscape.

Experience it now !